Why Getting A Buyer’s Agent Is A Good Idea

In certain states, attorneys are almost required in order for you to purchase a home. In many states, real estate matters can be handled completely by the real estate agent themselves along with a title company. An attorney’s presence is not required in these states. This is when hiring a real estate agent is most important. 

Buying A Home With An Agent

You can either get your own buyer’s agent to represent you, or you can use the seller’s agent to help you seal the deal. It’s a good idea to have your own agent to represent you, but you have the right to use either option. A buyer’s agent has a duty to keep the buyer’s best interests in mind and to keep all of the buyer’s information private and confidential.

It’s important to find your own buyer’s agent before you even start the house hunting process. Your agent can be a valuable resource in helping you to choose the right home for you and your family. If you decide to use the seller’s agent, their loyalty will be divided between the sellers and you. This is a fine choice as it will be balanced. However, you may want an agent who is completely dedicated to you so that your needs and interests are adequately represented.

If you have a question as to whether an agent is actually representing you as a buyer, the seller, or both, it should be clearly stated in writing for you. This way there will be no questioning as to whom is being represented by who. 

Buyer’s Agent Duties

Having a buyer’s agent is a great resource for you. An agent will be able to help you search for properties. The agent can help you to see properties in person if you are unable to make it to an open house. Buyer’s agents also can provide market analysis to help discover a home’s value. They’ll also strategize with you on negotiating. Other things that the buyer’s agent can assist you with are:

  • Presenting your offer
  • The home inspection
  • The application for a mortgage
  • The completion of the purchase and sales agreement
  • Attend the final walkthrough at the closing

Finding a buyer’s agent is an important part of buying a home. The agent can help you throughout the entire process from finding a home to closing on a home. Your agent can even give you recommendations on everyone who may need to be involved on the road to home ownership including attorneys, inspectors and contractors. It’s important to have someone around who knows all about real estate and can understand every step of the home buying process.

Weighing the Decision to Buy Your First Home

If you’re currently renting an apartment or house, it makes good financial sense to consider becoming a homeowner in the foreseeable future. There are pros and cons to owning your own home — and it’s not for everyone — but for most people, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

An exception would be if your job requires you to relocate frequently. In that scenario, the potential benefits of building up equity in a home would be greatly diminished.

On the other hand, if you plan on staying put for more than a few years, then the tax benefits and investment value of owning real estate could put you on a stronger financial track than if you continued shelling out your hard-earned money to a landlord. You’ve probably heard the argument before: “If you pay rent, you have nothing to show for it at the end of the year”. However, when you buy a home, an increasing portion of your monthly payments is applied to your actual ownership of the property (as opposed to how much you owe the bank).

Tax Advantages of Home Ownership

In most cases, you can deduct all of your home mortgage interest from your federal tax returns, according to the IRS. More specifically: “The only costs you can deduct are real estate taxes actually paid to the taxing authority, interest that qualifies as home mortgage interest, and mortgage insurance premiums.”

However, since everyone’s financial situation is different and there is no “one size fits all” approach to financial management, it’s always best to consult with an experienced CPA, enrolled agent, or knowledgeable tax preparer. There may be other tax benefits you could qualify for as a homeowner, too, including getting tax credits for installing a solar energy system. The government’s Energy Star program says tax credits on new solar energy systems are available through the year 2021.

Getting the Process Underway

Two key steps to becoming a home owner are finding out your credit score and meeting with a mortgage lender to determine how much of a real estate loan you could qualify for. An experienced real estate agent can also provide you with a wealth of guidance and information on how to become a homeowner. They can fill you in on many of the exact steps, requirements, and advantages of buying your first home. A buyers’ agent can also help you assess your readiness to take the plunge into home ownership.

In addition to finding out your credit score, which will impact your mortgage interest rate and the type of loan you may qualify for, other vital information can be gleaned from a detailed personal budget. Although the amount of rent you now pay will provide some insights into your potential house-buying budget, there are a lot of variables which will impact how much of a mortgage you could comfortably afford.

10 Time Saving Housecleaning Tips

Take the dread out of housecleaning room by room. Mornings are good times to clean your house, particularly because there’s generally plenty of natural light streaming through windows, making it easier for you to see. You’ll also likely be more rested.

But, don’t try to clean your house alone. As a first tip, recruit each member of your family to help with weekly housecleaning activities. For example, you could assign your son to clean the bathroom and your daughter to clean the den. More time saving housecleaning tips include:

  1. Clean your house one room at a time, avoiding walking back and forth from room to room.
  2. Spray the oven and stove top with a cleaner first thing in the morning to loosen hard stains. Soap drip pans in liquid soap and water. Better yet, align the bottom of your oven with a nonstick oven liner, and wipe the liner down each week.
  3. Next, spray bathroom shower tiles with a bleach or a mixture of baking soda and water. Let the sprays work while you clean the rest of your house.
  4. Wash bed linen separate from clothes to give the linen a thorough clean, and to save time by eliminating the need for additional loads.
  5. Use a baking soda and water mixture to wipe the edges of you dish washer clean. This can prevent the build of hard stains, which saves time in the short and long run.
  6. Remove throw rugs from floors, then shake and hang them over an outdoor or basement clothes line. Depending on the types of throw rugs that you have, you may be able to clean them in the washing machine and lightly dry them. Leave rugs off floors until you finish cleaning the rest of your house to avoid having to clean rugs twice. This also clears your floors for easier sweeping, mopping and vacuuming.
  7. Wash your shower liner once a month, saving the time of having to scrub stains off the liner. An added plus is that this step could keep your shower linen mildew free.
  8. Clean dishes while you cook. This is a daily rather than a weekly habit. For example, wash pots and pans after you finish using them. Try it and see if it doesn’t save time. After you finish dining, you’ll only have plates and eating utensils to wash and rinse. Speaking of saving time cleaning dishes, let pots, pans and dishes dry naturally in drainers, as it saves times and utility costs.
  9. Sweep, vacuum and mop floors last, after you complete all other cleaning activities. Use vacuum cleaner extensions to clean corners before you vacuum the rest of the floor.
  10. Store shoes, boots, hats and other accessories in organizers. The more clear floors and furniture are, the less time it takes to clean them.

Be open to multi-tasking. For example, if the telephone rings, consider placing it on speaker, so you can clean while you chat. And teach each member of your family to clean up after her or himself daily. By performing small daily housecleaning steps, you can save time on weekly and monthly cleanings.

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